07 August 2020

HuffPost: “Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants”

Now I remember why I unfollowed you! Because that’s all you DM me, “delete the site”.

Well, that’s… Maybe half the time.

But how is that going to help?

That’s the question, though. Is there a situation where you would just decide that it’s better to be free of this?

Should we just delete all the negative things in the world?

Are you saying Twitter is a negative thing?

Well, that’s what you’re assuming when you say that.

Not necessarily.

What would you use if we deleted it?

I don’t know, I’d have a lot more time on my hands.

What would you do with that time?

I really can’t even begin to imagine.

Ashley Feinberg

Super-old interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (his remarks are in regular text, while the journalist’s are bolded). I remember at the time (beginning of 2019) everyone on Twitter was passing it around as another example of Twitter’s failure to act, of Dorsey’s lack on interest in running the company, based on the opening statement in the article. I wonder if they bothered to read it until the end, where Dorsey turns the interview around. The discussion is a perfect example of bad journalism, where the interviewer starts with her own predefined notions and stays on the same track, no matter what the interlocutor replies – not that I expected any better from the Huffington Post… From the exchange above it seems to me that Ashley is the one who has no clue what she really wants.

The whole idea of deleting the negative things in the world is simple-minded and immature, but many Americans keep clinging to it instead of facing their problems. The same applied to people wanting Donald Trump banned from Twitter; calling for an entire site to be shut down because you do not like the content there is… shortsighted to say the least.

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