01 April 2021

Spotify Newsroom: “New Features on Spotify’s Home Hub make Navigation and Discovery even simpler”

New Spotify listening history on Android

Whether you’re looking to replay some of your favorites, pick up where you left off, or discover something new, there’s something for everyone on the Home hub. Learn more about these new features below.

  • Travel back in time: Rediscover lost gems in your listening history with a new “Recently played” destination, where users can jump back in time and browse up to three months’ worth of listening history. Premium and Free users globally will be able to browse recently played individual tracks and episodes in addition to the playlists, albums, and shows they were played from.
Spotify Newsroom

I received this update earlier today and I was happy to discover it solves one of Spotify’s long-standing missing features: a history of recently played songs on mobile. Until now only the desktop app had a proper history section, and it did not sync with the mobile play history as far as I could tell (technically mobile apps do have a ‘recently played’ section, but it only showed playlists and albums, not individual tracks). There were some curios workarounds to access the listening history by creating new playlists, but that solution was far from usable for a large volume of songs.

Spotify play history in Android app
New Spotify play history in Android app

This new interface makes it much easier to rediscover your music listening history, as you can quickly scroll back and drill down into individual days and playlists to find and replay songs. It might be nice to include a search feature as well, but if you know the name of the artist or title of the track, you can always search from the starting screen. I also am excited for another upcoming feature, filtering favorite songs by genre and mood, that I haven’t seen in my account yet.

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