31 May 2011

Code for +1 button shows up on Blogger

While writing my previous article yesterday, I noticed something odd about the sharing buttons placed after the main body of the post: they don’t align properly to the right anymore. I checked with as well, and the same defect shows up there as well. So, after publishing the article, I took a look at the page through ’s Web Inspector. I was both surprised and excited by what was hiding behind the seemingly empty space: code for a +1 button!Blogger hidden +1 button

Going further into the HTML source of the page, you can find three instanced of plusone: first the placeholder beside the sharing buttons, later the script that should power the button. This same code was presented at the Google I/O conference earlier this year. For now it’s obviously not live yet, but seeing it already included in another product in a latent state sais something about the long-term commitment to this project. Hopefully the buttons will be launched soon! Maybe even someone better with JavaScript than me will get it to work before that.

<div class='goog-inline-block dummy-container'><g:plusone href='http://exde601e.blogspot.com/2011/05/firefox-version-of-chromes-omnibox.html' size='medium'/></div>
<script src='https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js'>{'lang': 'en', 'parsetags': 'explicit'}</script><script type='text/javascript'>gapi.plusone.go();</script>

Update: And, less than 12 hours after publishing this, the button was launched!

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