08 June 2011

Customize the Blogger favicon from the dashboard

While waiting for the Blogger redesign announced a couple of months ago, the users are still treated with some small updates. I spotted one of them earlier today; frankly, it’s pretty hard to miss, since it sits in the middle of the ‘Design’ tab: a newly-introduced control for the blog favicon! Blogger new favicon control in the Dashboard

There were solutions to replace the default favicon before, but they required more technical knowledge to edit the HTML template, as well as a dedicated online space to store the file. The built-in feature is much more user-friendly: you just need to upload an .ico file and Blogger will take care or the details. It would be nice if we could use a .png image, but that’s not an option, probably because of compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. Blogger Upload custom favicon

Like most new features, it’s currently available only with Blogger in draft. I already uploaded a favicon to try the feature out – I made one about a year ago, but never got around to upload it and to customize the template. It’s not showing up on the web for now – hopefully I don’t need to create a favicon the old fashion way, with support for 8-Bit colors! But recognizes it in the sidebar, so maybe it will be picked up in the browsers soon.


  1. Thanks. I think a lot of people will be very pleased to hear about this. It make adding the favicon very simple :)

  2. I see your favicon in my browser. I uploaded mine last night and don't see it displaying yet.

  3. Hi Ms. Ileane!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

    I don't see your favicon either, Louis. It's probably something related to the caching of the icons either on our computers or on Blogger's servers.