22 December 2011

YouTube’s “let it snow” Easter Egg

If you enjoyed the ‘let it snow’ Easter Egg in search, you should probably check out a similar effect on videos: some have an extra, snowflake-shaped button in the action bar – for the Flash player at least. When you click it, snow starts falling from the top, amassing over time – even after hitting ‘replay’ – at the bottom edge. The virtual snow reacts to your mouse movements, by trying to avoid the cursor, and continues to fall even if you pause the video. As far as I can tell, this Easter Egg appears on recently uploaded videos, like the one linked below. YouTube let it snow


  1. any idea what the javascript argument is to start the snow automatically?

  2. No, no idea, sorry! I'm not even sure that can be done, since this will almost certainly be a time-limited feature.