16 January 2012

Notification emails about weekly activity from Google+

It’s been a while since I actively visited Google+ – actually since about the time decided to force Plus in weird ways on perfectly functional apps; I only visit it through links on or search results. It’s hard to say if my preference reflects an overall trend, because the reports about the adoption of Google+ are conflicting at best. Last week I got a small ‘push’ towards Google’s social network: a notification email containing a weekly digest of recent activity from my circles. It’s the first time I saw such a mail from Google+, so it’s hard to say if that’s common practice or just directed at users like me, who more or less abandoned the place. You could certainly see reminders like this as a small indication that the social initiative isn’t getting enough engagement or returning users. I receive similar daily digest emails from Quora and I didn’t see them making many headlines lately. Google Plus weekly digest emails

Looking through my account settings, I noticed an option to turn these digest emails off: it’s under “Manage email subscriptions” ► “Occasional updates about Google+ activity and friend suggestions” – funny, I don’t remember enabling it and I am usually very thorough about these things. Another setting – this time fortunately not enabled by default – lets Google automatically add a Google+ page to my circles if I search for + followed by the page's name – hmm, I’m not sure I would ever want do do that…

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