23 March 2012

David Riesenberg: “Canon Mirrorless Concept”

David Riesenberg Canon AE-D concept
Like many others, I too have been waiting for quite a while for Canon to release its mirrorless system. There are speculations and indications that they may very well do so this year, but I personally grew a bit restless. Because of this, I decided to put to paper, or rather to CAD and rendering software, my vision of such camera. After about a month of learning, debating, modeling and rendering, the Canon AE-D came to life. David Riesenberg

Awesome concept and simple design, maybe a bit too retro for my taste; in any case, looking better than the bulky G1X. But, as the author himself acknowledges, the chances of this even being considered by Canon are pretty slim. It boils down to one major weakness: lens compatibility. As long as the camera has a different mount than the majority of Canon lenses it can never fully benefit from the lens ecosystem like other EOS cameras do. Sure, you could buy an adaptor – but that adds up to the likely high price – or hope for third-party lenses – an unlikely solution. With the market for cameras already squeezed by smartphones and the recent Kodak bankruptcy, the income from the model probably wouldn’t even cover the R&D costs and it’s unlikely the company would risk loosing money with a new product line when it can focus on the already profitable pro cameras.

David Riesenberg Canon AE-D dimensions compare

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