16 June 2012

GigaOM: “Here’s your next task: Install Any.DO on your iPhone”

Let’s face it: Task management activities typically aren’t what I’d call sexy. But Any.DO’s user interface makes to-do lists a little more glamorous and now that I can use the platform on my Galaxy Nexus, iPhone and desktop browser, my next task is to migrate to-do’s to Any.DO. Kevin C. Tofel

I agree that the interface is beautiful – in both the white and the black variant, somewhat reminiscent of Windows Phone, but that works very well on the iPhone. I also appreciate that the app uses badges to signal the number of due tasks, something I would like to see in the built-in ‘Reminders’ app.

However calling the app feature-complete is quite a stretch. For one, there is no way to import current reminders from the iOS app; I already have a lot of them grouped into several lists and recreating them here manually is not my idea of quick set-up. While I’m on that subject, synchronization with Google Tasks wouldn’t hurt either. I can live with the sparse ‘Settings’, but I can’t understand why turning off the sounds also disables notification sounds – I would assume ‘Sounds’ refers to the in-app sounds. But the biggest missing feature for me is the lack of recurring reminders; without this, Any.DO will never replace the default iOS app, no matter how gorgeous the interface.

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