15 August 2012

The Wall Street Journal: “Forget CDs. Teens Are Tuning Into YouTube”

Among adults, the most popular ways to listen to music were radio (67%), CDs (61%), YouTube (44%), Pandora's custom-radio service (32%) and Apple Inc.'s iTunes (29%). Among 13-to-17 year olds, YouTube was the most popular way to listen to music, with 64% using it. Radio was next, with 56%, followed by iTunes (53%), CDs (50%) and Pandora (35%).

Nielsen executives said that the listening patterns, particularly the massive popularity of YouTube, show that record companies will need to stay nimble in a changing world. What is the revenue they're getting per stream? said David Bakula, a senior executive in Nielsen's entertainment-measurement division. It's not the $10 they got for a CD. Ethan Smith

Sounds about right. I’m way into the “adult” demographic and I already listen more music on than radio or CDs. It’s not only “free” (as in ‘ad-supported’), but you can also choose the music you listen from a very wide selection and discover new artists; you get new music releases very quickly, even before they hit radios, and all this practically everywhere you have a (decent) Internet connection. What’s not to like about that? YouTube is turning out to be one of the best acquisitions of , one that will become even more relevant – and profitable – in the future.


  1. I know a bar that rolls music with youtube. Last time i was there it was a karaoke night. I expected sopisticated software for karake but was surprise it was just youtube. Searches like "like a virgin karaoke" returned everything needed.