15 August 2012

parislemon: “The Chrome Update I Seem To Get On A Weekly Basis”

Flash for Android dies tomorrow. It’s time Google killed it on the web too. I get their initial rationale behind baking it in to Chrome (security, mainly and the “complete web”), but now it’s just propping it up — and in a big way since Chrome is now the most popular browser. MG Siegler

I suspect there’s a simple reason is keeping Flash around and bundled with : ! The HTML5 player has been around for 2 years now and it still sucks. Google can’t afford to offer a sub-par experience to millions of viewers, especially since YouTube’s popularity is on the rise, that would hurt both the browser and the website. And, on top of that, the HTML5 player doesn’t support ads! While ad revenues are probably far from what the publishers would want, they would not take it lightly if Google would decide to make the no-ads HTML5 viewer the default for the most popular browser on the planet.

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