01 September 2012

Share to Google+ from the Blogger Navbar

If you’re using , the Navbar is probably not the favorite component of the blog. Many people disable it through one of the several methods detailed online. Its main use for me is the integrated search box that acts more like a filter on your blog, which looks better than the results of search widget, more in line with the blog theme. Recently, the navbar got a small redesign; after loosing the ability to ‘follow’ due to Google Friend Connect being retired, finally removed that button and updated the navbar with an option to share the current page to Google+. Other sharing options (, and send by email) are grouped together under the ‘More’ menu. Frankly, I’m a little surprised they’re still available! Blogger Navbar Share to Google Plus

Speaking about hiding the navbar, another update I noticed now is the ability to turn off the navbar completely from the Blogger dashboard: go to the ‘Layout’ section, click on ‘Edit’ on the ‘Navbar’ widget and choose the last option: ‘Off’. No need to hack the template anymore! The result looks a little weird still, because the blog header doesn’t move up to compensate for the missing space at the top of the page, but I think that can be easily fixed with some CSS, or the Blogger team will correct it in the future. I’m going to keep the navbar around for a while longer, because I’m planning to redesign the header and add a search box somewhere in the sidebar; at that point I will be able to remove the Navbar.

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