30 December 2012

Follow individual posts from your friends on Facebook

As 2012 draws to a close, it looks like is still hard at work, making incremental changes to the site. After renaming the ‘Subscribe’ feature to ‘Followat the beginning of December, the same action is making its way into individual posts from friends in the newsfeed. You may have noticed each post has a small menu in the top right corner and now one of the first options is to ‘Follow post’. It’s available for both public posts and those set to ‘friends-only’. If you enable this you should start receiving notifications whenever someone likes or comments on the story, as though you had commented on the entry – similar to a long-forgotten feature from the extinct Google Buzz. In my limited experience with the feature today, that hasn’t actually happened – maybe it’s just being tested before the final release on the site. Facebook follow post from friends

And another small change noticed on Facebook: you can now use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the newsfeed: the familiar j and k used by , Plus and many other online apps.

Update: and notifications started showing up a couple of hours later!

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