21 March 2013

GigaOm: “Sorry Google; you can Keep it to yourself”

It might actually be good, or even better than Evernote. But I still won’t use Keep. You know why? Google Reader.

I spent about seven years of my online life on that service. I sent feedback, used it to annotate information and they killed it like a butcher slaughters a chicken. No conversation — dead. The service that drives more traffic than Google+ was sacrificed because it didn’t meet some vague corporate goals; users — many of them life long — be damned. Om Malik

The backlash against for killing one too many products continues. And it could be just the beginning. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before – heck, there is even a virtual graveyard full of former promising services – but with every service cancelled Google’s reputation gets worse. At some point Google even had an online note-taking app, Notebook, which was discontinued about a year ago. Now apparently they changed their mind and want to get back into the game they left last year. Talk about focus

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