15 April 2013

Blogger’s mobile app: another sign of Google neglect

Blogger iOS app compose new post

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how generally neglects the development of Blogger to the point a shut-down of the service is not unlikely. I should add something about the mobile app, because this is an area where the lack of interest is most striking, especially compared to the beautiful and innovative apps from competitors. I don’t want to get into the list of missing features, because that would take forever – I find it unacceptable, for example, to ship a mobile app without support for moderating comments. Suppose you travel for a couple of weeks with only your smartphone: posting new articles may not be top priority, maybe you even scheduled some in advance, but how will you approve and respond to comments from this app?!

Instead I want to just highlight something I noticed the one (and only) time I used the app to post on . The compose window has a small button in the lower right corner to toggle the on-screen keyboard on and off – presumably to be able to review the post before publishing. The problem is, while typing, that button obscures some of the text, making it hard to keep an eye on the last words you typed and to select text. If that’s not a sign of a job done in a rush and with no user testing whatsoever, I don’t know what is!

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  1. I have also face this type of error. So you don't need to keep your eyes on text or letter whatever you type ...just try to type serially and it will accept it. this is not a problem.