23 April 2013

New placement for ‘cached’ links in Google Search

As constantly experiments with new layouts for search results, some features get buried or moved around to awkward locations. This happened some time ago with ‘Cached’ links, currently available only in the ‘Instant preview’ panel. Today I noticed a small interface change in this area: a drop-down menu next to the search result URL holds options for ‘Cached’ and ‘Similar’ results, as well as ‘Share’ as long as you are logged in. The new placement is easier to access than the preview and I like it better than revealing links on hover, but possibly also hard to discover, especially for new users, and poorly fit for mobile devices, where hitting the small arrow would be a challenge. This seems to be just another test for the time being; after spotting this at work in regular (stable channel), I couldn't reproduce it at home except in incognito-mode Chrome and it disappeared again after clearing the cookies. Google Search cached link drop-down menu

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