20 June 2013

BuzzFeed: “Facebook Announces That It’s Out Of Ideas”

As if to justify his baldly hyperbolic statements, Systrom explained that he was excited because 130 million people on day one are going to have access to video in the way that they have access to pictures, which explains both why Facebook supremacists have a point and demonstrates what they don’t understand: that a large audience doesn’t turn someone else’s idea into a big idea, and it certainly doesn’t make it yours.

This represents Facebook’s biggest and most perplexing problem: supreme self-confidence uninhibited by extreme myopia. It’s why it released Home, a product that anyone outside of Facebook, down to a normal user, could have realized was a flawed idea. It’s why Facebook treats users’ data as if they have no choice but to stay – and why it interprets growing user numbers as permission to keep doing what it’s doing, but more aggressively. John Herrman

Replace ‘Facebook’ in the paragraphs above with ‘Google’ and – unfortunately – you get a pretty accurate view of some of ’s recent initiatives, especially in the social space.

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