22 June 2013

Wired: “Inside Digg’s Race to Build the New Google Reader”

One thing I’ve noticed playing around with all these other readers is that they’re mostly pretty crappy onboarding experiences, McLaughlin said at a meeting in early April. They needed to make onboarding – just the process of getting your feeds out of Google and into Digg – super easy. Mat Honan

Yes, sadly true. From my own experience searching for a alternative, none of the services I tried (Feedly, The Old Reader, Feedbin) manages to migrate the read/unread status of items from Reader or import the lofty archives of stared and shared items. Even Feedly, currently the best alternative overall has announced that after migration to their new cloud the unread counts will be reset… I’m looking forward to see if Digg has done better on this front, a lot of people are still looking for the optimal solution. And if feels like new alternatives are being announced every week, for example one from AOL!

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