08 August 2013

Hide the Yahoo! Universal Header on Flickr

The complaints over the recent Flickr redesign have barely had time to quiet down when Yahoo! made another change, adding a navigation bar to all its sites, Flickr included. It’s not unlike ’s top bar in functionality, with links to various Yahoo! services, but instead of blending into the background, the purple color makes it stick out, especially on the new design, supposedly dedicated to photos. Needless to say, users were once again upset, especially since it looks like the bar is here to stay. In this case, the only solution is to manually remove the bar using an extension, script or custom CSS style. A couple of days ago I became sufficiently annoyed by the header to do something about it; it didn’t take very long to find the CSS code that removes it from the final page:

#eyebrow { display: none; } 
body.with-eyebrow #global-nav { top: 0px !important; }

This – unfortunately – works only locally in the browser, so you have to add it to every browser you use regularly. In for example you can apply the style by copying it in the custom style-sheet or by using an extension; also has similar built-in tools and extensions. Flickr hide Yahoo Universal Header with CSS

As a side-note for Chrome’s user style-sheet, I noticed that the changes are picked up immediately after saving the text file, there’s no need to restart the browser – or even to reload the page! – to preview the result.

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