12 September 2013

GigaOm: “What I like and what I don’t like about the new Apple iPhones”

The 5C? Color me not impressed

Given its recent past, there are three design elements & emotions that I associate with Apple products — brushed metal, understated look and blending of monochromatic colors. Apple products signify a certain amount of luxury and lushness to them. The iPhone 5c doesn’t have any of that. The phones are garish to my eyes but then, as I said, I am a black-white-gray-maybe-blue kinda guy. They feel “budget” to me and the pastel color palette is a little meh. The iPhone 5c is slippery to hold and attracts fingerprints smudges. From my perspective it is missing the luxury feeling. The iPods with color have a more lush feel than these phones crafted from plastic, or polycarbonate as Apple defines it. Om Malik

My impression exactly. The colors of the 5C’s look watered down and, yes, cheap, compared to the rich, vivid colors on the Lumia line. I would certainly not be buying one. And don’t get me started on those new cases!

iPhone 5C color variants Nokia Lumia 920

And the software is not much better either. Just the other day a colleague asked me if I was going to update to iOS 7. We both laughed and I said I am planning to wait at least until iOS 7.1 is released. I see no reason to replace a perfectly functioning smartphone with a confusing new version that looks like Android. At the rate Apple is ‘innovating’ I have a feeling I won’t be buying new hardware from them anytime soon

The biggest surprise at yesterday’s iPhone event was how unsurprising it was, even relative to my own low surprise-expectations having seen the leaked parts. Marco Arment

well, except maybe for the camera!

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