12 November 2013

Lessig Blog, v2: “On the pathological way Apple deals with its customers”

But whether or not these changes are bugs, this is my point: it is insane that Apple doesn’t have a policy of explaining this to us. I am sure I am not the only Apple user that doesn’t have time for this absurdity. Days begin for me in the 4am timeframe already, and I am already perpetually behind. So to confront these problems without there being a simple location on the Apple site where Apple explains what it intends to fix is to add the proverbial insult to injury.

Apple is already spending the money to scrub the comments it doesn’t like. Apple can afford to spend the money to help its users understand which bugs are features, and which bugs will be repaired.

And if Apple doesn’t, then it is a company with an ego that at least I don’t have the time to afford.

Lawrence Lessig

Yet another user frustrated with the recent software updates from Apple. While some of the issues with OS X Mail and Gmail should be fixed, the communication problem remains. Apple doesn’t have a or account to connect to the public, nor does it maintain a blog for regular updates as far as I know. Even this Mail update has appeared only in the support center and people heard about it just because Apple gets huge amounts of coverage for every minor thing they do. Maybe that’s just Apple’s reasoning after all: no need to have a social media presence when their fans do such a good job on their own!

On a similar note, sound advice from a salesman:

Give the bad news first said the gent. Don’t let the buyer discover them, it puts you on the defensive. Start the conversation at the bottom and end with a flourish. (Music to this old salesman’s ears. My first jobs were in sales after an “unanticipated family event” threw me onto the streets 50 years ago. I’m still fond of the trade, happiest when well executed, sad when not). Jean-Louis Gassée

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