09 January 2014

The Official Delicious Blog: “Annual Report – How Delicious was your 2013?”

Delicious celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a complete relaunch of the site, and we made it easier than ever to save from anywhere with new apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. But before we look to 2014, let’s take a look back at what made 2013 so delicious. Paul Linstrot

Delicious Annual Report 2013Yet another review of 2013, this time from a former Web 2.0 champion gone nearly extinct and now rising back again: Delicious! If you visit your profile these days you will notice an extra header inviting you to check out this annual report of your activity on Delicious. Personally I don’t use the site that actively, relying mostly on their native link import from and on IFTTT recipes to archive the links I share or star on Feedbin – and previously on Google Reader. Nevertheless I appreciate the ability to search this archive and at some point I hope I get around to organizing it a bit. So, what did I learn from the report?

  • I added just shy of 3000 links during 2013, 34% of all the links saved since I opened my account. The figure is actually somewhat smaller, because Delicious catches all kinds of links from both my Twitter accounts – including my own blog posts, which I share multiple times – and doesn’t resolve shortened links, so there are dozens to hundreds of duplicates;
  • My most active day was June 29th, when I saved 60 links. Not surprising: back then, in the last days and hours of Google Reader, I was trying to move as many starred items as possible to Delicious;
  • Next up: a cute visualization of my most saved links by website in the shape of a constellation – Ursa Major to be exact. Here’s another sign of my sloppiness and the site’s inability to save original addresses instead of redirects or shortened links: the top domain is , others point to bit.ly, flickr appears in both the long and the short version, etc…Delicious Annual Report 2013 Site Map
  • The tag cloud that comes next highlights the most used tags – not very relevant for me since few of the Twitter links even have tags;
  • More interesting is the ‘Trailblazer’, showing I have discovered 164 links before anyone else – well, anyone with a Delicious account at least. I was also first to save an article about web design that 38 other people saved later, making it my ‘Top Find’.

via Markus Spath

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