07 January 2014

ParisLemon: “I Got Bugs”

So I embraced the gaudy neon and I entered our newly flat world excited. And I remain convinced that in just about every way, iOS 7 is a huge upgrade over the previous iterations. Except one. And it’s a big one.

The software is so inexplicably and inexcusably buggy.

At first, when you’re testing developer builds, you expect this. Bugs pop up and they get stomped out week after week until you’re left with a polished product. But I would hardly call iOS 7 a polished product — again, a full quarter after its initial release to the public. In fact, it seems to be getting worse.

MG Siegler

I can unfortunately add more than a couple examples to that list: over the past month all contacts inexplicably disappeared from my iPhone two(!) times and I had to wait about an hour for the data to sync back; one evening the camera app refused to take pictures both with the software shutter and the volume button, despite focusing normally; and at some point my settings in the Mail app got wiped out, it forgot for which folders it was supposed to send push notifications. Not to mention repeated app crashes – although those could be bugs in the third-party apps as well. And that time when multi-tasking suddenly started showing app cards in landscape mode. Those sort of issues were practically nonexistent on iOS 6! Let’s hope iOS 7.1 will fix some of the bugs and make the OS more stable again.

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