06 January 2014

jasonkincaid.net: “Evernote, the bug-ridden elephant”

More than that, I am alarmed that Evernote seems to be playing fast and loose with the data entrusted to it. Instead of building a product that is secure, reliable, and fast, it has spread itself too thin, trying to build out its install base across as many platforms as possible in an attempt to fend off its inevitable competition.

This strategy is tolerable for a social network or messaging app (Facebook got away with atrociously buggy apps for years). But Evernote is literally aiming to be an extension of your brain, the place to store your most important ideas. Its slogan is “Remember Everything”. Presumably the integrity of its data should be of the utmost importance.

Jason Kincaid

Evernote’s bugginess aside, the story should be a reminder to always have local back-ups for data stored in the could, no matter which company is providing the service.

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