06 January 2014

Vivaldi.net: “Farewell to My Opera”

I have no idea how many - or few - users are now actively blogging and sharing photos on My Opera, neither do I know how many users ever in the site’s history wrote at least one blog post, accepted one friend connection or created one album. It’s quite obvious that the site did not have the growth potential to challenge Facebook’s or Google’s head start - but I can’t possibly see how disrespectfully squandering all that trust and goodwill those thousands or tens of thousands of users held, will be good for Opera Software ASA in the longer term. Hallvord R. M. Steen

Another nail in ’s coffin. I suppose I should feel a bit nostalgic, after all I wrote my first ever blog post on My Opera, but… While I sympathize with the users who will see their content disappear or will have to struggle to move it elsewhere, My Opera was an inferior solution for blogging, filled with spam accounts and I won’t feel any regrets to see it shut down.


  1. Vivaldi is not good at all due to restriction... I miss MyOpera like mad and hope it would reopen someday or if I hit the jackpot, I would love to open my own blog site too like MyOpera - free for all to use.

  2. I too miss myopera too much. It gave opportunity to talk to interesting ppl across the world.