18 January 2014

zenhabits: “The Fear of Being Alone”

This is natural, this fear of being alone. We’ve all felt it, deep within us, though we try desperately to avoid this fear.

And this is the cause of our misery: to avoid this fear of being alone, we will socialize endlessly, including on social networks and email. To avoid being alone, we’ll end up with someone who isn’t really good for us, just to have someone to cling to, someone to rely on. We’ll eat junk food or shop to comfort ourselves, because these things are replacements for love.

But here’s the secret: being alone is empowering. The quiet of being alone is joyful.

Leo Babauta

It really is! I personally quite enjoy travelling alone, it gives me the opportunity to explore the surroundings much better and notice things I wouldn’t be able to if I were constantly talking to people or following their travel plans.


  1. So true.
    Younger I never feared loneliness.
    Now, I still enjoy it fully, but the next minute I fear of being alone.
    Does that make sense?