24 February 2014

The Daily Beast: “Yulia Tymoshenko: She’s No Angel”

In a country with endemic and rather extraordinary corruption — which is really the most important issue for many Ukrainians — Tymoshenko’s best hope may be that Yanukovych has left behind such obvious symbols of his stupid cupidity. On Saturday, the people of a nearly bankrupt nation flooded into his Yanukovych’s country estate to gaze in wonderment at the extravagances he left behind, from gilded bathroom fixtures to his own-brand vodka, terraced gardens, and a personal menagerie.

Christopher Dickey

Well, it’s hard to find “angels” among politicians, especially in this part of Europe. To me, the situation in Ukraine sounds a lot like the Romanian Revolution 25 years ago: massive street riots and bloody repression, the old president running away from the capital, a new leader emerging that’s just as bad for the country, but sais all the right things to the people and foreign powers. Somehow, I don’t think this new regime in Ukraine will fare any better.

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