07 March 2014

ignore the code: “Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface”

If it was normal for people to use their iPads for creative tasks, there would not be newspaper articles about people using their iPads for creative tasks. The iPad will have arrived as a productivity device when news sites stop reporting about people who use iPads for productivity. So in the end, all of these links to articles about people who use their iPads to create things only seem to support the notion that this is not how most people use their iPads.

Lukas Mathis

Pretty long article, but unbiased and well balanced, going through the things that keep the iPad from being a good productivity device, whereas the Surface and Windows 8 succeed. I enjoyed reading it – maybe because, like the author, I would rather have a Surface than an iPad – and the conclusion is spot-on:

The problem with Metro might not be that it’s performing badly at its intended function. The problem might simply be that, unlike me, most people don’t want to use their tablets for productivity. They’d rather keep using their old Windows PC for that, and also have an iPad for watching movies and playing games.

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