08 March 2014

TheOneRing: “How would ‘The Silmarillion’ fare as a film trilogy?”

J.R.R Tolkien - The Silmarillion

Before we begin, the very quick answer you will get when asking about a Silmarillion movie is that the rights to this book are currently owned by the Tolkien Estate – and judging by their disapproval of the films made to date, they don’t seem to be in a rush to sell them. J.R.R. Tolkien himself sold the film rights of The Hobbit and LOTR back when he believed they were unfilmable and decided to make a quick buck. The Silmarillion, along with The Unfinished Tales and other works by Tolkien which were released after his death, remains in the possession of the Tolkien Estate and because of this, the prospect of a Silmarillion movie happening in the near future is unlikely, as much as we may want it.

This being said, in a scenario that a Silmarillion film – or series of films – were to be made, would they even work as movies? Would they stand the test of the general movie-going audience? How would it translate to the big screen? Could it be translated to the big screen? This article will explore the possibilities and pitfalls of translating The Silmarillion into film by looking at a potential treatment of the films and a brief analysis of the text itself.

Rud the Spud

Despite the almost insurmountable challenges, I would love to see The Silmarillion in movie form completing the already memorable Lord of the Rings trilogy. Probably a movie series a la Game of Thrones would work best, because there’s a lot of story to tell…

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