30 April 2014

Jared Sinclair Blog: “Bug in Videos.app Doesn’t Clear Cached Data for Streamed TV Shows and Movies”

The publicly-available versions of iOS 7 disabled the swipe to delete feature for streamed content. I assumed – incorrectly – that the feature was removed because cached video content was being automatically removed from disk. This turns out not to be the case, as I have discovered tonight. This means that the developers of Videos.app removed the only way to delete cached video, seemingly without replacing it with any other cache-clearing strategy. Maybe it’s just an oversight, but either way it’s frustrating. Jared Sinclair

Back in iOS 6, a similar swipe-to-delete gesture was available in ‘Settings’ to delete the entire Camera Roll – and now in iOS 7 it has mysteriously disappeared! So currently there’s no easy way to clear the storage space occupied by photos on your device after a local backup (selecting hundreds of them one by one doesn’t count for obvious reasons!). Another annoyance to add to the growing list of unsolved iOS issues

Episode 52 of iFive for the iPhone discussing the previous elegant solution to clear the Camera Roll
(skip to tip no. 3 at the 4min mark)

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