08 May 2014

Twitter vs. Facebook for the Everyday-Man

in Bucharest, Romania

Twitter vs FacebookOne of the interesting side-effects of going to work by metro – as opposed to, say, driving there – are the conversations you sometimes get to overhear. This morning, two people were talking about and , and it went something like this: on Twitter there’s too much stuff going on, I prefer Facebook because people there are simple, just like us. You might say it just confirms that for most people Twitter is overwhelming, the main cause for the slow growth and bad user retention. But I say that’s precisely the most fascinating aspect of Twitter, the best reason to participate: to see how the world works outside of your narrow social circle, to meet new people, to discover ideas that would otherwise have no way of reaching you. In a way, using Twitter is like travelling to a foreign country and learning how they do things, while people sticking to Facebook are never leaving their hometown.

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