21 November 2014

Five Hundred Words: “A Few Thoughts On WatchKit And The Initial Apple Watch”

First of all, it’s now beyond clear that Apple Watch, at least at first, is an iPhone accessory, not a stand-alone product. It requires the iPhone to do basically anything. Hell, it may even require the iPhone to turn on (unclear at this point, but it wouldn’t shock me). This won’t always be the case, but this is very much the case with the v1 of the product. It’s not just that you need the iPhone’s connectivity to make the Apple Watch apps useful, the Apple Watch apps for the most part actually execute on the iPhone.

M.G. Siegler

fans and developers are mostly excited about these revelations on the upcoming Apple Watch, comparing it usually with the first version of the iPhone. But the thing is, as limited as the original iPhone might have been, it could still operate independently; the Watch can’t. Could you imagine the iPhone turning into a massive success if you had to carry your laptop around in order for the apps on the smartphone to work?!


Apple Watch comes in two sizes

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