01 May 2015

TechCrunch: “Microsoft announces Continuum, turning Windows 10 Phones into Desktops”

In an on-stage demo, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore connected a phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and instantly the UI he was using adapted to the new inputs and outputs. While the operating system interface we saw on screen didn’t look exactly like Windows 10 on a laptop or desktop computer, the applications shown (especially PowerPoint) did. Instead of making minor adjustments to a presentation using a 5-inch screen, you can simply connect to an HDMI-compatible monitor and have all the space and tools you would on a full PC.

Kyle Russell

Sounds very similar to ’s recently announced Chromebits, but without the hassle of buying an extra device and figuring out how to actually control the larger display. Could be interesting, for example as business device to replace laptops while traveling or working away from the office.

See how new Continuum functionality for mobile phones tailors the app experience across devices to transform a phone into a full-powered PC

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