02 May 2015

Bloomberg Business: “The American Woman who stands between Putin and Ukraine”

Putin vs. the Accountant

Ukraine is one of the few countries in Europe without a 3G network because of an oligarchic shell game played out under the Yanukovych regime. The Poroshenko government recently completed a transparent sale of 3G licenses to several telecom companies, which will inject a total of almost $300 million into state coffers. Ukraine can celebrate building 3G—while the rest of the industrialized world is planning 5G. This is where Ukraine is today, caught between idealism and despair. The reforms that have come have been so slow that, to some, reform can seem a joke.

Brett Forrest

The most shocking fact from this article: no 3G – in Europe – in 2015! Makes you feel Romania is decades ahead, even though ‘reform’ sounded like a bad joke for such a long time around here as well.

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