29 June 2015

lowercase capital: “What Twitter Can Be”

But Twitter needs to be bolder still. It needs to place more bets with potentially oversized payoffs. It needs to question aspects of Twitter it has taken for granted. It needs to operate with smaller teams that require less permission to make change happen. Twitter can afford to build the wrong things. However, Twitter cannot afford to build the right things too slowly.

Ultimately, while there is no one Twitter that fits all, there is nothing stopping Twitter from fitting most. There is a Twitter that hundreds of millions more people will embrace and use daily. This is what it might look like…

Chris Sacca
Twitter Music icon

A bold vision of ’s future, filled with many good ideas to improve the product and attract new users – and a couple more questionable suggestions as well. Soon after this article was published, a secret Twitter project called Lightning was revealed, focusing on Live Events, and similar to the primary suggestion here. It’s good to know that Twitter is actively working on new products and I’m excited to see them launched. Hopefully some of them will be able to convince reluctant people to give Twitter another try.

I particularly like the concept of channels, allowing people to follow events and topics without manually finding and adding the right people. It could prove useful next month, for example, as New Horizons swings past Pluto. Power users can always load the hashtag into a separate TweetDeck column, but for most people it would be more convenient to be able to follow the hashtag/channel and see relevant tweets directly in the timeline.

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