20 July 2015

500px ISO: “Taking ‘Long Exposure’ Photos without a Tripod or ND Filters”

The changes were triggered by two realizations. First: I realized that my photography gear had quickly become the limiting factor in my photography. Secondly: I realized that I spent too much time processing photos, which kept me away from traveling and shooting.

Recently, I returned from 10 days on a 5000 Km driving trip to the American Southwest where I put my new technique to the test in real travel photography scenarios. After I started to produce consistent results, I knew I was ready to share the technique so others can also achieve a long exposure effect without using a tripod and ND filters.

Viktor Elizarov

Photographer laments time spent processing photos. Photographer then invents a (not particularly original) technique to mimic long exposure through more processing. The irony!

Sunset at Saint Lawrence River
Sunset at Saint Lawrence River (Montreal) by Viktor Elizarov

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