22 July 2015

Road Less Travelled: “I Quit: What Really Goes on at Apple”

I had organised a day off recently where all my family were visiting me from interstate. Despite this I had agreed to dial in to one conference call as the audience attending was ‘important’. Well it seems Important but disrespectful, as the audience never even turned up, yet I was still made to ‘dry-run’ the whole meeting from start to finish for an hour and a half as if there was full attendance and interest in what I was saying. So, as the food I had prepared for my family went cold, there I was stuck on the phone role-playing a fake menial meeting to satisfy managements ego.

For a company that claims to enhance people’s lives through technology – they know nothing about life. Nothing at all. I’m disheartened as I loved Apple. I loved their products and I’ve been an advocate for what they allegedly stand for. Unfortunately I’ve seen behind their glossy and polished stainless steel exterior, I’ve walked through their frosted glass doors and seen a toxic culture of manipulation, intimidation, threats and politics that are so incongruent to the values they preach.

Ben Farrell

: shiny on the outside, rotten on the inside?

An artist’s rendition of the new Apple Mothership
An artist’s rendition of the new Apple ‘Mothership’. Centre of the Apple Universe

Other corporations have their share of organizational issues, from workforce diversity to salary transparency. But it’s sad to see the same kind of reports about Apple as well, especially since it appears too few people have the courage to admit these problems.

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