23 July 2015

WatchAware: “Developers are waiting on Apple Watch️”

In fact, have you tried Instagram on the Apple Watch? It’s terrible. It has no business being on there. It’s a worse experience if you ask me.

What we all need to understand is that it’s truly going to take time for great stuff to come out of the Apple Watch. It’s going to time and effort from Apple, developers, and the world around us to adapt. It won’t happen in the next week or even the next month. We should stop grading the Apple Watch on a weekly basis and just wait and see what happens by the end of the year. Then wait another six months or so. And then another.

Abdel Ibrahim

That’s right, the product itself is flawless, it’s the world around it that needs to change to accommodate the Apple Watch. The whole ‘you’re holding it wrong’ argument all over again. Maybe, just maybe, apps look terrible on an Apple Watch because the screen is too small for most day-to-day tasks – except notifications?

Meanwhile, released the much-awaited earnings report for the previous quarter. While it didn’t present any concrete Watch numbers, it was amusing seeing analysts drop their Watch sales forecasts by more than half in a matter of days:

This is based on the recent rate of decline, and you could argue that we might put this number as low as $1.4 billion, but I’m not necessarily ready to go quite that low. Cook confirmed on the earnings call that both iPod and accessories shrank year on year, but didn’t say how much. If we take $1.6 billion as our number, that gives us just over $1 billion in revenue for Apple Watch, which is obviously a lot lower than I talked about yesterday.

Jan Dawson

As both his articles correctly point out, the (estimated) Watch revenue raises other questions, for example what is the sales mix between the Sport and the Regular edition. The likely preference for the cheaper Sport Watch boosts the sales numbers, but earns less revenue for Apple and arguably points to consumers being reluctant to invest in Apple’s newest gadget. Moreover, these are early adopters, Apple’s biggest fans; if they are sticking with the base version, ignoring the ‘fashion’ aspects of the Watch, how will the mass market be persuaded to buy the more expensive versions?

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