13 July 2015

HTML5test: “Safari and IE”

The problem with Internet Explorer wasn’t the browser itself, it was the resources that were put into developing it. They stopped all meaningful development for 4 years. That hasn’t happened with Safari, and Apple will certainly not allow that to happen in the future. But is the amount of resources that Apple dedicates to WebKit enough?

Simply by looking at the release notes for Safari 9, I would say “No”.

Niels Leenheer

I tend to agree. I think that update frequency is a good way to estimate the relative importance of browsers to their parent companies: imposed a very fast pace from the start with , Mozilla followed soon after, was then forced to abandon its own rendering engine to keep up, even Microsoft is moving to a fast release schedule with the new Edge browser. Meanwhile is only updating Safari once a year, along with major OS updates. If this continues, it’s hard to see how Safari will still be in the race a couple of years down the road.

The author of this post maintains a fairly known online test for HTML5 compatibility: unsurprisingly, Safari’s score is relatively low, currently tied with Edge! HTML5test IE vs iOS Safari vs Edge

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