13 July 2015

Quip Blog: “Introducing Quip Desktop”

As Quip’s list of customers has grown exponentially over the past year, our desktop web app has exploded in popularity. At the beginning of 2014, our desktop web app accounted for only 20% of our daily usage. Just a year and a half later, it's grown to 50% — driven almost exclusively by the rapidly growing number of people using Quip at work.

Quip Desktop Usage

As we watched our customers’ usage evolve, we knew we wanted to invest in the desktop experience. Most people in the world still use a native desktop app — Microsoft Office — to write their documents, and for good reason: native desktop apps are faster, work offline, and can provide a user experience that the web still can’t match.

Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs

Anyone who proclaims that desktop PCs are dead needs to look at this graph.

I suspect one of the reasons Google Docs is slow to gain traction is precisely this refusal to build native desktop apps instead of the harder to use web versions.

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