09 February 2016

Medium: “Banned by Tesla!”

Anyway, the end result is that you have decided that I can’t own one of your cars, and I am terribly disappointed. I had outlined in the original post how excited I was at the prospect of owning a Tesla, especially the Model X and especially the configuration I ultimately ordered — the P90D in red with black leather seats and the Ludicrous Speed option.

I must also admit that I am a little taken aback to be banned by Tesla. When I wrote a blog post about my BMW X1 called “My Car Makes Me Feel Stoopid”, the CEO of BMW didn’t take the car back. And in the many articles and posts I have written criticizing products, companies and people, I have never been banned from doing business with any of the companies!

Stewart Alsop

So this guy criticized Tesla’s Model X Launch Event and as a result the company – or rather its CEO Elon Musk – cancelled his order! Such a disgraceful behavior! If that’s how Tesla chooses to handle complaints I don’t see a bright future for it.

2015 Tesla Model S

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