10 February 2016

Marco.org: “The Apple Watch got me hooked on mechanical watches”

Most of my work and hobbies involve technologically cutting-edge digital electronics reliant on complex, inconsistent software, with a typical lifetime of a few years at most. Almost everything else I use and make is effectively disposable.

As software creeps into ever more objects in my daily life and makes them more capable yet more disposable and less reliable than ever, it’s nice to have something that does less, always works, never needs a software update, requires no cables, doesn’t need to be charged, and whose useful life will probably be longer than mine.

Marco Arment

What can I say, Nomos makes some damn fine watches!

Nomos Lambda weissgold tiefblau
Blue-blooded NOMOS Glashütte: The golden timepiece Lambda tiefblau presents time in its finest form. The dark dial contrasts particularly beautifully with the case from pure 18 kt white gold.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, I have recently seen my first one in public at a birthday gathering for a friend. The wearer seemed to be an enthusiastic fan – he mentioned at some point that the first thing he did after getting off the plane in New York was to go to the Apple Store. But for a fan, he never once used the Watch during the hours we spent in the pub – other than to show it off to a girl for something like 5 minutes. The Watch just sat there on his wrist, randomly activating as he moved his hands. When he got around to interact with it, he tried to launch the camera app to remote control the phone, and failed for the first two tries – since the app icons are much smaller than on a smartphone screen. It was quite amusing.

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