17 January 2017

Cult of Mac: “Adobe wants you to edit photos by voice with Siri-style assistant”

Great photographers often employee great assistants. Ansel Adams hired master darkroom technicians who printed to his exact specifications, and the lush lighting in an Annie Leibovitz portrait is typically achieved by trusted assistants who understand her vision.

Adobe is working to bring photographers of all levels a valued assistant — and the voice of that assistant may sound familiar.

A video produced by Adobe Research shows a man giving voice commands to an iPad to crop a photo and prepare it to post on Facebook. The voice coming from the iPad sounds like Siri as it repeats the photographer’s commands.

David Pierini

Nice concept, but I can’t see this going much further than basic editing tasks. Even watching the short clip shared by Adobe Research it’s evident that the ‘voice-editing’ is very limited: when the person asks for a square crop, the assistant delivers, but there’s no command to position the crop area differently. What are you supposed to do if the subject is not dead-center, reach back to the mouse or touch-screen? Having used Adobe Lightroom on the iPhone, I can say most of the tools can be comfortably used with touch controls, but I can’t imagine how long it would take to vocalize commands for positioning a gradual filter for example.

What If You Had An Intelligent Assistant for Photo Editing?

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