07 April 2017

The Verge: “No one is using Facebook stories, so it turned your friends into ghosts”

Facebook launched a new story feature in its main app last week, adding a Snapchat-esque feed of ephemeral pictures and videos to the top of the News Feed. But people are apparently less than enthusiastic about using it, which is why Facebook seems to be testing a bit of encouragement for the new feature.

Now, instead of showing a sad, empty feed devoid of stories from any of your friends, Facebook is turning your friends into ghosts who aren’t hip enough to use stories. So, instead of the blank space that used to be there, Facebook will show grayed-out icons of some of your more frequently contacted friends, regardless of whether they’ve ever posted to their Facebook story before.

Chaim Gartenberg

I noticed this too a couple of days ago. It’s quite sad for Facebook to seem so desperate, given how completely it dominates online social activities.

Facebook Stories for iOS turns friends into ghost-like profiles

The killer feature would be if tapping these ghost-friend icons would launch SnapChat instead! 😂

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