06 April 2017

500ish Words: “The Great Laptop Stagnation”

Anyway, all of that aside, if I’m being honest, I still just don’t love this machine. And that has never been the case for me with previous Macs. Again, it’s fine. It’s thinner and lighter than my old MacBook Pro — but not more so than the MacBook. It’s faster than the MacBook, but not noticeably more than the old MacBook Pro. The big, new selling point of this device was supposed to be the Touch Bar.

Meh. One very big MEH.

M.G. Siegler

I’m reasonably certain the correct title here is “The Great MacBook Stagnation”.

Also, if ‘fine’ is the best thing a major fanboy can say about a new product (repeated four times in this review as if the author was gritting his teeth in disappointment), Apple has some big problems on its hands.

MacBook Pro TouchBar
Touching the screen: not convenient. Touching the strip just below the screen: totally convenient. Got it?

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