14 October 2011

New final screen for YouTube videos

A couple of days ago I noticed a change in the screen shown on when the video finishes playing. The emphasis is now on related videos, with a selection of twelve instead of the five available in the old version. The buttons for replay, like/dislike and share are now much smaller and occupy a toolbar at the top of the video. Personally, I prefer the previous look, because now it’s harder to click the smaller action buttons and the captions of related videos are harder to read, not to mention that the longer names are truncated; hovering over the thumbnails also doesn’t reveal the full caption. YouTube updated video final screen

For now, the change is limited to the Flash-based player on the homepage; the embedded player has the same final screen as before, while the experimental HTML5 player uses a minimalist screen: only the last video frame with a small ‘Replay’ button on the top left.

Update: I guess more people complained about the clipped titles of related videos, because now they are scrolling into view as you hover with the mouse over the video thumbnail.

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