13 August 2012

Mozilla Future Releases: “Bringing Social to Firefox”

This week the first pieces of our work will land in mozilla-central, the primary Firefox development repository. The user experience will roll out one step at a time. First, we’ll offer an easy way to recommend things that you discover on the Web. Next, we’ll add support for notifications coming from the service and, once that’s landed, we’ll start on integrated news feeds and chat. Johnathan Nightingale

Didn’t we go down this road before with Flock and later RockMelt? And if you don’t know what these names mean that just proves my point.

There is also talk about developing a Social API to provide the back-end for these actions in the browser. I’m not sure how is this supposed to work; will it have support from the major social providers and ? Since both companies are under pressure to monetize their networks, what can Mozilla bring to the table, being a non-profit organization mainly financed by Google? The search giant might join, given their investment in ; on the other hand has its own product to tend to, so if Google+ integration is coming to any browser, it will most likely be . As things are standing now, this project is as dead as the FirefoxOS.

via Sören Hentzschel

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