18 August 2014

EE & Me: “EE reveals 4G giving Brits back an hour a day”

Social media and messaging

The EE Mobile Living Index highlights a 14ppts increase in share of overall network traffic from social media, driven by the integration of video into major social platforms. The upload speed on EE’s mobile network, which is five times faster 3G, is also encouraging people to share special moments as they happen.

Tango’s free messaging service has surged in popularity, accounting for 16% of instant messaging traffic on 4G, compared to less than 1% last year. At the same time, WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in February this year, has seen its percentage of overall 4G instant messaging traffic drop by 16 percentage points.

EE press

Interesting stats from one mobile operator in the UK regarding how their customers use the 4G network. While most people linking to this article were eager to point out the piece of information about Maps generating more traffic than Maps, I find the messaging section more telling: one app surging in popularity in just one year, another experiencing a significant drop. Whatsapp already starting to decline?

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