17 April 2015

Google Chrome Blog: “Search and browse faster with the latest Chrome for iOS”

Chrome 42 for iOS new pull-to-refresh action

Many people whip out their phones throughout the day to check something quickly—get a weather forecast, check what time the Giants game is, find out who guest starred on Mad Men last night. And that’s true for the many millions of you who use Chrome on iOS, so we’ve made our latest version even faster for the things you do every day.

Just pull down on any page to reload, open, or close tabs with one swipe. Pull straight down to reload, pull down and left to open a new tab, or pull down and right to close a tab.

AbdelKarim Mardini

An interesting extension of the pull-to-refresh gesture that has become so common-place on iOS. It reminds me a little of the mouse gestures originating from and later adapted by several extensions. On the other hand, I found this feature confusing: my mobile habits told me to release the trigger vertically (refresh) or to tap the new buttons (nothing happens), not to swipe left/right while dragging. I figured it out only after watching the animation from the blog post. It’s not good design if you have to explain it…

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