28 September 2015

Scripting News: “Facebook uses RSS for Instant Articles”

Late yesterday Facebook released docs explaining how Instant Articles works for publishers. It's good news. They have, as I speculated earlier, built their system around RSS. This means there can be interop between all the big companies --Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook -- now building new news systems.

To publishers and bloggers -- this is a big deal because it means that the same feeds you generate to post stories to Facebook can be used for other sites. It's a very strong statement. No publishing silos. Let news flow where it wants to. And let competitors arise who may do more interesting and useful things with news than the big companies can.

Dave Winer

Ironic how two of the companies infamous for their ‘walled gardens’ – Facebook and Apple – are using open standards for their news products, while the ‘open’ Google couldn’t figure out a practical use for RSS and simply abandoned it for the past few years.

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