28 March 2016

Henrik Joreteg’s Blog: “Why I switched to Android after 7 years of iOS”

So, all this said, these things led me to finally exercising the only voting power I have as a consumer… I took my money and left.

I don’t see this as switching to Android, I’m simply switching to the best mobile web app platform available today.

The web is the only truly open platform we’ve got. It’s the closest thing we have to a level playing field.

This is why I’m focusing all my efforts on building Progressive Web Apps… I hope you’ll do the same.

Henrik Joreteg

Hmm, the best mobile web app platform… I’m not so sure about that. It’s pretty clear at this point that Safari is lagging behind other browsers, stalling web-based development partly because Apple won’t allow competing browsers on iOS devices, but Android has its share of problems as well. The author mentions he bought a Nexus device, making him the proud member of a minuscule group of people using ‘pure’ Android and receiving fast updates directly from Google. The rest of the Android world experiences a rather different reality, with high fragmentation, both at the OS and at browser level. Adding to this the fact that average users don’t particularly care about web vs. apps, that Android users spend less money through mobile purchases, you will probably find development for Android still more cumbersome and less lucrative than iOS.

The Android Webview | PhoneGap Day EU 2015

I talk about the differences between WebViews on phones from different manufacturers and explain why our problems haven’t been completely solved now that Android comes with the Chromium based WebView.

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